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Deadline for submission 9/1/2020 for summer pricing

  We know becoming a makeup artist can be life changing- it's a rewarding, creative outlet that allows individuals to create a new career or perfect a hobby.  Now we want to be able to change YOUR life!

Classes &



Pro Freelancer Day Class......................... $1000 off

Total Cost:  $3100


Pro Freelancer Night Class...................... $500 off

Total Cost:  $2500



Pro Freelancer Weekend Class ............... $400 off

Total Cost:  $2000

Frequently Asked



Who can apply for The CMAD Scholarship?

Anyone that wants to become a makeup artist can apply for our scholarship.  We asked all applicants to submit an application for the class they would like to take.


Do I have to put a deposit down for my class?

Yes.  A non refundable deposit of $300 is needed to secure your spot for the class the are choosing.  If you cannot make a particular class we are happy to credit your deposit towards a different date or class



What if I don't see the date of the class on my submission

That is totally fine.  If your class date isn't on the application form please send us an email after you submit your application and we will make note of it.  

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