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Nose Contour

  1. Using a cream and a flat brush (Cozzette D240), draw down the bridge of the nose on both the left and right side.  Make sure your lines match up with the nostrils.  Be sure to blend your product out as you’re creating a slimmer bridge

  2. Go over your cream contour with a powder in a similar contour shade to set your cream.

  3. To make the tip of the nose more defined, brush a little bit of the contour powder lightly right under the tip of the nose.  This creates a “lifted” look.

  4. Take a color that is slightly lighter than your clients complexion and buff it down the bridge of the nose to contrast your contour and make the nose slimmer

  5. Set with a light flesh tone powder to set.

Individual Lash Technique 

  1. Lightly curl the eyelash with a lash curler (Kevyn Aucoin Curler).  Remember not to curl too much because this will make the lash harder to adhere.  

  2. Using a small amount of glue, dip the end of the lash in the glue using an angle tweezer and apply the lash on top the the natural lashes right on to the skin.

  3. Once your falsies are applied, again lightly curl the lashes to crate an eye opening effect.

  4. Apply a small amount of mascara with a fan brush.  This will help create a thicker lash and fill in any disconnect between the real lashes and the falsies.

  5. Pinch the lashes together to create a seamless lash that looks natural and fresh!

Eyebrow Coverage

  1. Take your glue stick and go against the brow hairs to coat every hair from underneath.  

  2. With a metal eyebrow brush comb through the hairs which allows you to get a flatter surface.

  3. Continue glueing down the brows until they are completely flat to the face.

  4. Go over with an ample amount of powder so the glue is dry.  This will allow the corrector to stick.

  5. Use a cream corrector rather than liquid so the glue doesn't break down.  Powder at the end.  

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