Getting a very early start in the industry working for M.A.C Cosmetics at age 19 he strived to learn all the tricks of the trade while finding his own personal touch to his looks.  Fast forward 12 years later Jonny has traveled the world working fashion week in Milan and Paris and his work has been featured in magazines from Brides to Numero.  In 2009 Jonny discovered his love of teaching and bringing his knowledge from his own experiences into the classroom to help navigate new makeup artists on their dream path.

    Jonny doesn't strive to only do beautiful makeup but to make people feel good about themselves and the life they live.  Every class is sincere, carefully thought out, and taught with professionalism. 

Jonny has been teaching makeup as a career with over 8 years experience in the classroom. His love for makeup and helping others grow is not only a passion, but a joy.  His experience over the past 12 years has taken him to numerous countries and worked with every top makeup artist and models in the industry.  

     Jonny's detail for makeup and appreciation for beauty is not only what makes his work so sought after but makes his classes extremely educational, fun, and inspiring!

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