3 Things To Remember When Contouring

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

We know how important contouring plays into our everyday lives when it comes to creating beautiful makeup. At our makeup academy in NYC we spend a lot of time helping students master some amazing makeup looks. We wanted to help you navigate your clients face and understand some key points to creating a flawless makeup that is well blended.

Creams VS Powders

Creams are going to be much easier to use when you are trying to create a very defined shape to the face. Make sure that you are using products that blend well together to avoid disrupting the makeup from underneath. Powders are great to add slight definition and can be a little more natural. In our makeup classes we show students how to achieve both styles so they can create a bunch of different makeup looks.

Map out your ideal face shape and blend blend blend

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Using your creams you can apply the darker colors where you want to "sculpt" your face, creating a shadow to either slim something down or make something pop out more. Your highlight color will bring attention to a certain area of the face. The highlights reinforce your shadows. These are the main areas of the face you want to typically contour. Not everyone needs to have their nose contoured. Nose contours can appear to be very fake and often best for taking photos or for going out in the evening.

Blending is great but too much will cause your makeup to look muddy

A big takeaway from contouring is that you want to blend out your harsh lines but make sure that you don't over blend. Over blending will cause you to loose all the work you just did and begin to change the color of your foundation.

Get yourself a great blending brush, something chocolatey, and hop into your bathroom and begin practicing! We love when our makeup students makeup mistakes in our makeup academy. Making mistakes allows you to learn and be prepared for when you become a working makeup artist.

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