Foundation Application For Women of Color

When teaching makeup at our makeup academy in NYC, we always have students curious about doing makeup for women of color. The process isn't much different than working with a caucasian woman, as techniques will change slightly but makeup products will change completely. In our makeup classes we go over finding foundation for all skin tones and skin types but we wanted to spend a little more time with creating makeup looks for black women and women of color. A few of our favorite products during our makeup classes would have to be Cozzette for eye shadows and Kett for skin. Kryolan also has an amazing color range of foundations.

You must mix different UNDERTONES

Video from our online program

Sadly, one foundation color wont do when doing makeup on women of color. Mixing different makeup products is important when creating a makeup look on your client. In our online makeup classes we go over all different types of makeup techniques and skincare products that work best! TIP! You can use correctors as color adjusters to help alter your foundation when doing your makeup.


A LOT of our makeup artists always ask about contour when doing make up on women with a deeper complexion. Contouring with makeup is always a question we get at our makeup school and with a deeper complexion, highlighting can be much more impactful than contouring. Using the skins natural depth is great to create a beautiful makeup. It will also help avoid a contour that looks ashy or unnatural.

Powders ARE CRUCIAL....

Finding the right setting powder is key with making sure your makeup is 24hours! Translucent powders that are white may be colorless however, on a deeper skin if can leave a grey cast. Different colors and textures need to be used in different areas of the face.

Doing makeup is something that is fun and makeup always changes. Some foundations will look one way on a client and change on the next. It's important to have knowledge of your makeup tools and products.

Want to know more?! Check out our online modules to learn some amazing makeup techniques!

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