The Personalized 1 on 1 Hands-On class is designed for artists to learn feature focused techniques in areas that they may be struggling in.  Artists can choose whether they want to do 2 days at 12 hours or 4 days at 24 hours.  Students get to create their own curriculum to help advance and grow in their craft.  Some areas of oppertunities to work on are airbrush, fashion and creative makeup, skin tones and color theory, or working with different eye and face shapes.  Students get models to work on throughout the entire class, and luxury pro brush set, and a hygiene kit.  The price reflects a $50 processing fee. 

Personalized 1 on 1 Hand-On Class 12 / 24 Hour

Class Legnth
Makeup Light
  • Classes can be refunded up until the first day of class minus the $300 deposit.  After the first day of class you will be able to reschedule your course at another date.  

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