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     Ruthie Weems is a certified and professional makeup artist and has worked in a number of mediums from film and television to fashion and print work. Her passion for the industry and artistry has flourished her reputation with everyone from brides to celebrities who rely on her expertise and appreciate her ability to connect with clients of all levels.

Meet Ruthie

     With more than 8 years in front of the classroom in makeup artistry education, she has been rewarded with seeing several of her apprentices build solid careers in the beauty trade. Her patience and trained eye helps beginners evolve with confidence to start exploring and taking risks in the beauty industry.  She brings her experience of working on film sets, in retail sales, and photoshoots to bridge the gap between professionalism and the fun of makeup.


Ruthies Work

Key makeup artist for Edge & Sports Illustrated Magazine shoot

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A Mentor

& Friend

     Ruthie has now proudly partnered with respected industry makeup artist Jonny Polizzi to create CMAD. She looks forward to bringing her years of experience to patiently guide and support artists as they build their careers in makeup artistry. 

     She brings a hands on approach in the classroom and balances it seamlessly with the ability to have fun while supporting her attendees as they build their own skillsets and ultimately their careers.

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